Daily Archive: Sunday, February 5, 2017

Politics is acquisition management & distribution of power

[ad_1]  ‘Politics is acquisition, management & distribution of power’, this is what I learned in my International Relations class in University. But, how to acquire and manage power? I will take a look at this question with the help of 8 different terms that have been defined on CNN website in ‘eight things for future

Trump drives two prominent state Republicans to the ACLU

[ad_1] The King County prosecutor chose a novel way to show his unease about the Trump presidency. A longtime Republican, he joined the combative ACLU. Folks are dealing with the roiling political times in different ways. The approach of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg raised a few eyebrows recently. “After the election, my wife and

Donate to instrument drive | The Pueblo West View

[ad_1] by Kristen M. White The Pueblo West View Dust off your trumpet, clean out the closet – the Bringing Music to Life instrument drive is happening now and benefits students right here in the Pueblo community. Last year, 622 instruments were collected in the statewide drive. Of those,