Daily Archive: Monday, February 20, 2017

Tips on saving money for smart students

[ad_1] School can be quite overwhelming especially with all the projects, home works, rent and even the partying part. Some parents don’t realize that as a student, you find it hard to save money in college with all of these and they often don’t or can’t give enough allowance money. Being away from home makes

Former astronaut, NASA engineers highlight space day

[ad_1] An astronaut who flew four space shuttle missions. An expert on Mars exploration. A NASA hardware engineer. A NASA aerospace engineer. An Aerojet Rocketdyne engineer. And a Sacramento State professor who, with his students, is helping NASA with a planetary lander problem. Sac State is reaching for the stars with “Space: The Final Frontier,”

UW Bothell video-game programming lab prepares grads for even non-computer jobs

[ad_1] University of Washington Bothell is teaching its students to build video games as a way to prepare them for all kinds of different jobs when they graduate. It’s a computer game populated by floating, light-beam-wielding monsters, but “Ghostlight Manor” has another purpose beyond entertainment: to help newly minted grads better prepare for their first