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Antioxidant Supplements – Should You Take One Every Day?

Everyone has heard of the benefits of antioxidants, but working them into your diet can be hard. Here antioxidant supplements come to rescue. But are they as good as natural antioxidants you get with your diet? The market is full of antioxidant pills, drinks and other products that all claim to have anti-aging effect and

LIBRARY SECURITY: The Challenge of Homelessness and library access

A couple times each year I get together with a friend who lives in a typical middle-class neighborhood towards the outskirts of Portland Oregon and we have lunch or sometimes just a cup of coffee. Because I was planning to stop by the downtown public library after our lunch, I suggested we meet in front

Buying Health Insurance Can Save You Money

Maintaining your health is imperative if you want to lead a rich, rewarding life. However, there is so much information on this broad subject that it can be hard to know what to study. That is why this article is a comprehensive compilation of facts and tips designed to help you to lead a healthy