Daily Archive: Friday, May 12, 2017

The Force Killed Star Trek

For the first time in decades, there is no Star Trek tv show. There’s talk of an upcoming movie, but that’s still speculative. There are constant rumors as to what brought it down, but one theory growing in popularity is that the big-budget, mega-blockbuster “force” of the recent Star Wars films didn’t do Trekkies any

How to Choose The Right Stone For Stonework in Your Home?

If you’re looking to get stonework done to your home, then you’ve made a great decision as it will not only enhance the function of your home, but also really boost its overall aesthetic appeal. However the next step is a little bit more complicated and that’s deciding on what type of stone you want

Solid Advice For Smokers Who Have Tried To Quit Many Times

Just how do you quit smoking? The cravings are so often overwhelming, and yet the cost to your health and your pocketbook is even worse. People quit every day, but many go back to smoking in time. If you want the best chances of success, read this article and start using the tips provided. If