5 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Children


Tooth decay is common in both adults and children, especially in toddlers and young kids. It occurs when bacteria in their mouths produce acids that eat away at a tooth. Tooth decay usually does not cause any symptom until your kids have a cavity or an infected tooth. However, if not treated, it can cause pain and even tooth loss.

Here are 5 ways that can help your kids prevent tooth decay.

1. Make sure your kids brush their teeth twice a day

A good way to help your children prevent tooth decay is making sure that they brush their teeth at least twice a day. You need to help your kids brush and floss their teeth in the morning and every night before bedtime. However, for the best results, they need to brush their teeth after each time they eat and for at least three minutes.

2. Give your child plenty of water to drink

Instead of soda and juice, you should give your children plenty…


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