A Quick Guide To iPod Battery For Your iPod Nano 8GB

iPod battery life is essential for many users. The iPod battery weakens over a period of time and it is not easily replaced. That’s true, to a point, as the battery is lithium based; although it can be recharged up to 500 times, it does degrade over time.

Furthermore, because of the way Apple designed the iPod battery, it is difficult for owners of the iPod Nano 8GB to change it on their own. Does that mean that the iPod Nano 8GB was designed to be a expendable device? No. The iPod Nano 8GB was designed to last a long while.

The lifespan of the iPod battery is just a couple of years, as it is lithium based. This nets the user hundreds of charges; however, at some point, the lithium battery will stop working. Users who think they can simply open the iPod Nano 8GB case and remove and change the battery will be disappointed.

Instead of being easily removed, the battery in the iPod Nano 8GB is a permanent part of the case. The situation this dilemma created caused untold frustration to iPod Nano 8GB users, who were quickly offered an alternative by 3rd party manufacturers who agreed to either replace the iPod battery or sell users a do it yourself kit. Owners of the iPod Nano 8GB may opt to ship their device to Apple for iPod battery replacement.

Users can also learn how to maximize the iPod battery power by logging on to the Apple website. Want to make your iPod battery last longer? Read on: An iPod battery works at its optimal when the iPod Nano 8GB is kept at room temperature.

You should not leave your iPod Nano 8GB inside a car. Never expose your iPod Nano 8GB to direct sunlight as this can damage the iPod. When not in use, employ the Pause or Hold button. When leaving the room, use the hold button to pause your iPod Nano 8GB.

The iPod Nano 8GB will continue to play if left in the play mode, which will cause the iPod battery to drain completely. This can significantly impact the life of your iPod battery. When the room is well lit, you do not need back lighting.

Back lighting can use up a lot of your reserved battery power. Turn off back lighting when you don’t need it. Under the Settings menu, choose Back light Timer, then select Off. Even when you are not using your iPod Nano 8GB, the battery power is slowly depleting.

While your iPod Nano 8GB is sleeping, the battery is still fully awake, and loses a small amount of current. By ensuring your iPod is used and stored at room temperature, you can significantly limit the amount of battery current being used. By doing this, the battery in your iPod can last as long as 28 days.

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