How To Get The Address Of The Celebrity You Want To Photograph

There is a fine line between being a professional photographer and being a stalker. This is very true when it comes to individuals who take photos of celebrities. However, there are still novice photographers who are simply looking to obtain photographs of celebrity’s in order to either sell the photos or to keep them for personal use.

However, if you plan on taking a photo of a celebrity at their personal residence you will need to obtain their address. The thing is, most celebrities are very concerned about their privacy and don’t make this public information. In some cases the only way to discover a celebrity’s address would be to follow them to their abode. But as previously stated there is a fine line between being a stalker and being a photographer.

You must be very careful not to violate any laws if and when you do approach a celebrity for a photograph. Most celebrities will not allow you on their property, even if you claim to be their biggest fan. Simply showing up at a celebrity’s house uninvited may result in the celebrity contacting the police the moment you show up and approach their property.

If you are in a location such as Hollywood, you can generally pick up a “map of the stars” and learn where many high profile celebrities reside. You can even take tours to see their homes. However, it is not advised that you return to the residence on your own and stake out the house. Celebrities do have the right to call the law if they feel threatened or see suspicious individuals outside their homes. You should always put yourself in the shoes of the celebrity. How would you like it if a car with two men was sitting outside your house all day long with a camera? Would you be nervous? Would you be fearful for your family? Don’t make a celebrity feel unsafe just because you want to acquire their photograph.

There are more proficient ways to obtain a photograph of a celebrity then sitting outside their residence. Find out what “hot spots” the celebrity frequents. You can then capture pictures of them along with other photographers as they enter and leave the establishment. You can also do the same with finding out when the celebrity will appearing in public. When the celebrity is in public at a movie premiere or other event many photographers line up to take photos of them. This is the safest and easiest way to obtain a photo of a celebrity.

Another method is to find out when the celebrity will be appearing at a fan event where you can meet and introduce yourself to the celebrity and ask to receive a photo with them. This is generally the best way to acquire a celebrity photograph. Celebrity autograph photo signings are the safest places for both you and the celebrity to meet without cause for alarm. These are events where the celebrity has agreed to meet with their fans for this very purpose.

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