Improve The Aerodynamics And Beauty Of Your Bike With Hayabusa Fairing Screens

Fairings screens are made of plastic or fiberglass shells that cover some parts of your motorcycle. The engine panels or wheel covers and mud guards may or may not blend with these fairing screens. While it serves as a protection for the rider, it also improves aerodynamics and adds attractiveness to the bike.

Fairing screens evolved with the introduction of motorcycles. The fairing screens’ birth to the world of bikes started when motorbikes need to deflect the wind to improve its performance. With the onset of race track driving, the need became even more intense. Nowadays, motorcycle fairings have already served its purpose. Later developments made for the screens are to protect the rider from the cold and wet weather especially to protect the rider from entrance of water to the crotch area. And still later, additions already considered good looks for the bike.

The fairing screens now made modern, were mostly manufactured as original equipment by the manufacturer. The Hayabusa Triple Plated Chrome Nose Screens is made of 2 grills to fit each side of the bike. You can see that the screen was delicately hand cut from high quality, great looking, and very durable expanded metal. Durability has been observed because it does not loose shape or bends easily. The Busa fairings were used as templates to ensure an exact fit so that the 2 grills were hand-formed without the use of dies and presses. After cutting, all grills are then trial fitted before going thru a quality nickel and chrome electroplating process; not spray chrome to ensure quality of material used. After plating, each grill is thoroughly inspected and trial fitted for a final time before packaging. The screens fit the 99-07 Hayabusa motor bike.

The Hayabusa Chrome Fairing Screens (8 Pieces) and the Hayabusa Chrome Fairing Screens (6 pieces), just like the Triple Plated Chrome nose are also hand-formed. The 3 grills for each side fairing conceal the unsightly radiator and header, and 2 grills for the tail section take the place of the plain, stock, and black pieces. Following exactly the process made for the Triple Plated Chrome Nose Screens is how the grills and screens were completed. For easy installation, grills arrive at your door properly labeled and delicately packaged to ensure that you receive them flawless and free from scratches. The installation process comes easily as long as you follow the instructions in the manual which comes together with the epoxy to be used for the installation. The instruction for proper attachment of each piece of screen can be found in the manual. An hour and a half is what it takes for the installation to be done. The screens fit the 99-07 Hayabusa series.

The custom fairing screens complete the line of chrome accessories after having been preformed for exact fit. All parts have been manufactured in the USA. Handling the fairings with special care is imperative because it is fragile but this characteristic adds more to the magnificence of your bike. So go to the nearest motorcycle shop now. Try to buy one of these sets of fairing screens from Hayabusa and you’ll never regret what you’ve got.

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