Tailoring Your Sign Company

As discussed in our previous article titled “The Sign Industry and Your Franchise,” the sign industry is vast and varied. It spans more types of signage than any one person would be able to imagine. As it changes and grows even more as time passes and more and more technology is developed that can be applied to the sign industry, it becomes even more diverse.
Of course, it can be difficult for one company to try to address every corner of every niche in the sign industry. This includes types of clients and what they require for their signage. While it might seem like a good idea to try to be diverse as possible in your potential clients, it is important to remember that this is only effective up until a point, after which you are only getting diminishing returns. Specializing, just a little bit (still serving everyone that comes to you, but having a particular niche that you target and excel at) might go a long way in making your sign company particularly successful.
Instead of trying to please absolutely everyone and spreading your company thin, it might be a wise business model to target a specific niche of the wildly massive sign industry. Here are some examples of ways in which you might tailor your own sign company to fit a specific set of needs.
The Sign Company that Does Corporate
Your sign company might focus on going after corporate clients. While it might be difficult to imagine that the signage needs of the corporate world are that large, keep in mind that signs for the lobbies of corporate buildings present a huge need to be filled. Moreover, large corporations will have the money to replace their signage frequently as design trends change. Keeping a good, modern image is an important factor in running a successful corporation. Your business might capitalize on this and make yourselves known as the sign company that services every major corporation in your area.
Securing the Service Sector
There might be one of the largest sections of business that you can specialize in. Think of all of the restaurants that need signs with their menus printed on them, the cafes that need large banners behind the counters with their items listed. If your sign company can service each restaurant, nail salon, etc. then you are relatively narrowing in on a sector that needs a lot of marketing, and therefore has the resources to buy and update signage. Services also change frequently to adjust to the needs of their clients, so this is also a great sector to get repeat customers. Think of a restaurant that has a changing menu with each season. They can come to you for each and every one of their menu changes.
Specialize in Specializing
There are some more specific areas of signage that your sign company can delve into. Think of car advertising, trailer wraps, or even airplane wraps! If you can be ‘the sign company that does all the really specific niche projects,’ then you can corner a relatively small slice of the market, but also be in a part of the market with relatively little competition. This way, you are opening yourself up for more success than if you were to join an area that is already flooded.
Sign World offers each and every one of these signage services. We can set you up for a successful sign company, no matter which niche you choose.

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